Monday, December 29, 2008


What is Ticket-In Ticket-Out?

Ticket-In Ticket-Out (TITO) is a new, patented technology that lets a slot machine print out your slot winnings on thermal paper, including a bar code. Once you cash out from a TITO machine, you can redeem your winnings at a cashier station or insert your ticket into another TITO machine and continue play.

Why Ticket-In Ticket-Out?

TITO technology has many benefits. It reduces wait time for machine service, simplifies jackpot payments, eliminates the need for heavy coin buckets, and makes your valuable playing time far more fun!

How do I use Ticket-In Ticket-Out?

Insert ticket or currency into a machine, just like you would normally do. When you’re done playing at a machine, press the “cash out” button and your credits will be printed on a TITO ticket. Once you have your TITO ticket, you can redeem it at a casher station or insert it into the bill acceptor of another TITO machine. Your credits will be posted on the machine and you can begin play.

Where do I redeem my TITO ticket for cash?

You can take your ticket to any cashier’s cage location to redeem for cash.

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